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Reimagine education with Compugen

25 students, 5 learning styles. How do you maximize the experience for everyone?

"The problem with conformity in education is that people are not standardized to begin with." - Creative Schools

And that's the issue. Not everyone learns in the same way or at the same pace. As an educator, you want to give everyone the same opportunity to learn and grow in the classroom. While students and educators everywhere are familiar with technology, often using tablets and interactive screens at home, few are truly maximizing that experience in the classroom.  Learning tools such as digital whiteboards allow students to interact at their own pace and in their own style. 

Visual or oral, social or solitary, students are able to work and advance along with technology - while the devices they use retain information about their pace and lessons so that teachers are able to review what was effective, what wasn't and provide a template for future lessons.

The variety of technology available today means that there are options for every classroom style.  Digital learning enables creativity like never before and prepares students for the future digital world.  Compugen is able to help both educators and students make the change from traditional to digital learning.  We can help students understand what digital learning is and remove the stigma from the classroom by facilitating the integration of the right technology, allowing students to learn together. Explore the possibilities with Compugen!

We've had the opportunity to work with schools to inspire and engage students through technology. See how Holy Family Catholic School found a solution to engage and inspire their students.