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Green is more than just a colour. It’s a business practice.

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Compugen's Green4Good Program helps organizations dispose of their IT assets in an environmentally responsible way, and allows them to eliminate asset disposition costs. Rather than sending used IT assets to a landfill, the Green4Good program ensures that end of life equipment is either resold or 100% recycled. Better still, the proceeds from the resale go directly to the charity of your choice.

Here's how it works:


Your IT assets are evaluated, and an estimate is generated based on age, brand and model.


Pick up and Delivery

We pack up your used assets and ship them to one of our secure configuration centres.


Refurbish or Recycle

Based on the condition of the equipment, your assets are either refurbished or fully recycled. We recover all software licenses, completely destroy all data, and issue you a data removal certificate to prove it. As a Microsoft authorized refurbisher, we are among the most trusted in the world when it comes to refurbished technology products.



Now that your assets have been refurbished, they can be re-licensed and resold to people and markets in need.


IT Assets diverted from the landfill

Green Office Practices

It's one thing to say you care about the environment, and another thing to actually do something about it. Our head office in Richmond Hill, built in 2010, is 120,000 square feet of environmentally friendly office space. One of the design goals for our new building was to reduce the environmental footprint.

Here is what we accomplished:

Inside the building, large picture windows reduce lighting costs by 40%, and electronic sensors automatically turn off the lights when rooms are empty. The new configuration centre boasts energy-efficient heating and cooling racks, and follow-me print stations allowed us to reduce from 80+ printers down to eight, translating to far fewer wasted printouts and less electricity used. We’ve reduced water consumption by 60% through the use of low-flow toilets and auto-on faucets, and by capturing rainwater for landscaping. The plants on the property are all drought-resistant. In the future, we plan to install solar panels on the roof so the building can generate its own electricity.

Photo: Compugen Lunch Room
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Green IT in your organization

Adopting green IT practices can lead to big gains for your business. Asset recycling, follow-me printing, and virtual network infrastructure are some of the options you can think about if you’re committed to making your organization more environmentally sensitive. With technologies that involve a smaller physical footprint, lower energy requirements and simplified management, a 'greener' environment is also often much less costly to run. Check out our itbuzz.ca blog for Green IT ideas, or visit our Strategy and Planning section to learn more about how you can get started with Green IT Practices.

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