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Good communication drives good business

​Business is demanding rapid collaboration between colleagues and business partners who work locally, across the country and around the world. Changes in the way we work have lead people to embrace innovations such as instant messaging, video conferencing and web portals. Smart businesses use instant messaging as a forum for immediate, ad hoc communication between staff members and external partners.

However, the real power of IM lies in its flexibility and its ability to provide the online equivalent of ‘hallway conversations’ between staff working from home or in different offices.

With the integrated capability to layer on voice, video, file sharing and white-boarding, this secure medium facilitates quick, one-on-one conversations or larger, virtual team meetings. You can extend the conversation to include external organizations or individuals simply by federating or allowing them access. Instant messaging can drive communication costs down while increasing productivity significantly. By allocating a portion of the corporate WAN to SIP trunk lines for telephony through VoIP, you can further reduce those costs with no impact to conversation quality. A single pipeline for voice and data also means that provisioning new offices requires a simplified setup and ongoing maintenance.

This was one of the biggest communications projects we’ve undertaken, and it was a success from start to finish. Through Compugen’s integration efforts, we were able to initiate a slow migration of our telephony environment, allowing us to manage costs and minimize disruption to hospital staff.

Kevin Farias

Network Technical Analyst, Queensway Carleton Hospital
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Eliminate external conferencing costs

Compugen was spending over $70,000 annually with an external audio conferencing supplier to facilitate internal and customer calls. By provisioning SIP trunk lines through our WAN and integrating a full instant messaging and presence software suite, we were able to reduce our annual costs by 85% and eliminate external conferencing costs altogether. Additionally, our new SIP lines allow us to provide local phone numbers for our national customers to call into our Richmond Hill service desk.

shared portal will put an end to the question “Can you send me the latest version of that file?” Collaborative software is ideal for teams that share a lot of data or are spread out geographically. Portals provide a secure repository for common documentation or for sharing with customers, and “check-in”, “check-out” capabilities are perfect for document editing. With mobile optimization built in, portals are accessible regardless of location and device.

Organizations work with us for help with planning, building and improving their business communication infrastructure. By combining our extensive technical expertise in networking and software , and our knowledge of the best collaboration tools such as telepresence, video and messaging, we can help you design  innovative communications strategies that will drive creativity and grow your business.

We have long-standing partnerships with the most important companies in technology – the established players and the game-changers who will make a difference to your business.

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