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Server Virtualization

An agile infrastructure that adapts quickly to change

​The cost and power saving benefits of server virtualization are well known, but what does it look like in action?

With a powerful virtualization solution, Terminal Systems Inc. reduced its server footprint from 300 servers to less than 20. TSI runs the container port in Vancouver and wanted assistance to reign in their sprawling server farm and optimize the underlying network infrastructure to make it more resilient. Despite a reduction from 300 to 100 servers less than three years prior, it still wasn’t enough to make it manageable.

With new consolidation techniques, TSI was able to reduce their server count to 18. Modular and scalable, the new server setup is ideal for high availability and business continuity. If one server fails, another will automatically take on the workload.

Looking forward, new business applications can be brought online quickly and easily, giving them the tools to make their business more responsive than ever.

“I was attracted to Compugen because they have expert people focused on each aspect of the IT landscape – servers, networks, firewalls, etc. – so I felt we could build a new infrastructure correctly the first time,”

Ryan Manca

Manager of Information Technology, Lac La Biche County, Alberta

​Server virtualization might be right for you if…

  • Your organization needs more servers for development, test, production and backup environments, but your facility’s footprint can’t be expanded.
  • All of your organization’s current servers are reaching the end of their lifecycle simultaneously, and one-for-one replacement is not a viable economic solution.
  • Your servers are underutilized and because the applications you need are not compatible, you had no choice but to add additional servers – and now it’s become an unruly mess and a maintenance nightmare.

If this sounds familiar to you, the day has come for you to embrace server virtualization. There are many reasons to consider it as an option: high availability, quick response times, it’s easy to maintain, and a smaller environmental footprint is required. Even organizations that deployed virtualization solutions several years ago have found impressive benefits in reconsolidating their server farms.

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