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Transformed services. Personalized patient care. Welcome to the Modern Hospital.

Patients and healthcare workers deserve a better experience. 

We all want the best possible care for patients. Care that recognizes the needs of the individual and brings together the best services, healthcare workers and tools to deliver medical assistance to patients quickly, and effectively - all in a personal and thoughtful way. 

Technology has a pivotal role

Dynamic devices that scan and collect information; a secure, reliable network to share data; and a database that allows for quick reference of patient issues are some of the basics we all know about. Today’s hospital must consider so much more – stringent privacy concerns, the ability to provide virtual care, digital collaboration with offsite experts and ransomware are just a few that can open up the possibilities to better care. When you consider constantly shrinking budgets, overworked staff and gaining infrastructure it can make the goal of a connected, digital environment seem out of reach.

The dilemma

Digital devices and the internet of hospital technology (IOHT) have great potential to improve the clinician’s diagnostics and patient care – but how do you balance the need for patient privacy?

Connected devices can skim precious minutes from the time it takes to deliver emergency care as they communicate critical information to nursing staff and each other and automate previously manual tasks (turning lights up, redirecting elevators to critical care teams). How do you enable this technology while ensuring patient data is secure and digital process is locked down?

The solution

We get it. We’ve learned a lot through our work with healthcare groups across Canada as we’ve helped them navigate just this kind of change.  Hospitals that are starting from new ground breaking, as well as those that are updating areas of their facility to bring in new capabilities.  By partnering with innovative technology leaders, as well as leading edge application vendors , we can bring you the expertise and experience to support your move to a modern hospital.
The Modern Hospital is built on four key areas, each of which help support better the best experiences and outcomes for patients, physicians, nurses, administrators and IT. 
We’d love to share what we are seeing and hear more about what you are learning through your own journey. Transformation is never easy but it’s worth it. Call us. We’d like to help.