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Investment Justification

Overcoming obstacles to realize benefits

Major upgrades and changes to an IT environment require careful thought about the technology involved and the business case underlying it. They can be reactive changes because you’ve identified a weak spot that needs to be strengthened, or an area where you want to take advantage of emerging technologies to push your business forward, and need guidance on the best way to do it.

The purpose of our IT investment justification and decision support team is to look beyond the specific technology and instead consider the large-scale implications of IT on your organization. ​

Our team of experts can help you investigate the options and form a plan that will help you achieve your business and technology goals.

“Compugen not only installed and configured four new servers in the Kitchener datacentre, but also provided the knowledge transfer so that our own people could duplicate that effort at the Cypress datacentre using the other four servers."

Supervisor, Network & Systems at Christie
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Do any of these situations sound familiar?

  • Your organization is planning on moving towards infrastructure, software or platform as a service, but to do that, you need to put into place the technologies and processes to make it happen – and you need some advice on just how to do that.
  • Your datacentre is at capacity and you want to know whether you should build a new one, refurbish or expand the existing one, or opt for colocation services and what the implications are, both in terms of costs and performance.
  • Your organization acquires another business. You need a big-picture analysis of their IT infrastructure and a plan for sharing resources – and you want to know whether it’s worthwhile to invest in IT upgrades or outsource the whole operation.

​Our team is product and device agnostic. Because we don’t advocate for a particular vendor or technology, we can focus on giving you the best advice for your situation. To help you to develop a business case and projected ROI for planned investments, we’ll help you identify all the costs associated with any initiative and value of the technical and business benefits your investment may yield. Our holistic understanding of the entire infrastructure and our deep expertise gives us the ability to see areas for improvement that may have not been considered in the past.

When we say our team is staffed by experts, we’re not kidding. Run by former large organization CIOs, many of whom have more than 25 years of experience in IT and business, we are able to take a big-picture view of your business, help you create a blueprint for future growth, and set you on the path to implementing it.

We have long-standing partnerships with the most important companies in technology – the established players and the game-changers who will make a difference to your business.

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