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Teacher’s Kit

Create, Collaborate, Innovate Classroom Contest

Are you looking for inspiration for your class's contest entry video? Use some of the insights and examples below to imagine what is possible with technology. 

Let's get started: 

Step 1: Pick a career that your class is interested in exploring.

Step 2: Think of the industry the career falls in and how you see this changing in 5, 10, or 20 years. 

Step 3: Now explore how technology will shape this career in the future? 

When you are ready, click here to enter.

Learn more about the HP Windows Notebooks and the HP Sprout for additional ideas. 

This video is a chance to be really creative with your class and get them engaged with the idea of a future career. If you’re stuck for ideas on how to get started, we’ve listed below a few questions for some career areas, as well as some ideas on how you might format a video

Format ideas:

  • Day-in-the-life – have your students act out the roles of a doctor or a group of healthcare workers in the year 2030. Your students could dress up for the role, or simply act out a patient arriving in a hospital and showing what the experience would be like with the changes in technology

  • In class project – you and your students could construct a piece of technology that you can imagine being part of a career and explain what it does and how it works with current technology. Does it use Microsoft software? Does it use the HP Sprout to gather information? How would an artist’s life change because of this new technology?

  • A cartoon style film – rather than act in the film yourselves, your students could draw pictures of your career area and put together a cartoon style video with a narrator  - or text – telling the story. Use the HP Sprout applications to draw, scan and create an animated movie.

Here are some sample questions for a few careers to get your thinking started:

Healthcare careers:

The future of healthcare will see a new wave of innovation. Some things to consider:

• How will technology be used in hospitals of the future?
• How will doctors use technology to service patients faster?
• How will healthcare practitioners use technology to continue learning?
• How can doctors use technology to help create better prosthetics

Retail careers:

The retail industry is undergoing enormous change with the rise of online shopping and mobile applications. Some things to consider:

• How will a retailer provide better customer experience?
• Will malls exist in 10 years? 20 years?
• What immersive technology might stores offer to customers?
• How can stores use technology to provide better products and services to customers?

Engineering & construction careers:

Building and designing can be very time-consuming and difficult. Some things to consider:

• How will technology make it easier to design products faster?
• How will collaboration improve between teams?
• How can engineers become more environmentally friendly?
• Will tools and equipment be produced the same way and with the same material?

Arts careers:

Whether exploring a career in visual arts, music or dance, technology can boost creativity by offering tools to create new masterpieces. Some things to consider:

• How can music and concerts become more accessible to everyone?
• How can dancers collaborate with others around the world?
• Will there be new forms of art around the world?
• How can writers publish books faster?