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Your Digital Journey to the Cloud
Compugen can help you:

- Rehost Windows Server in Azure
- Rehost/Refactor SQL on Azure

Harness the power of the cloud - Migration, Re-host and Re-factor
Enabling cloud in your environment allows your organization to react more quickly and innovate in ways that were once impossible to imagine.  We see two major changes driving the move to cloud:  IT teams are being asked and are delivering new features to their users at record speed and end users expect an increasingly rich and immersive experience through their devices and software.

One of the significant elements enabling these changes is a much-improved frequency of software updates.  Once released every few months or even years, updates are now being released over intervals of days and weeks; and cloud apps are often updated continuously.

This continuous enhancement of applications is enabling the insatiable demand for digital transformation; bringing new features and capabilities and is only possible through the cloud.

Cloud solutions provide you with the ability to quickly solve your toughest business challenges and bring cutting edge solutions to your staff when they need them.

Microsoft Azure
To adjust to the demands for digital transformation, it’s essential to modernize and migrate your applications and infrastructure to cloud. Microsoft Azure is the preferred cloud platform for most organizations. Whether you choose to migrate, modernize, or build cloud native solutions, Azure is the most reliable, secure and productive cloud option.

While incredibly rewarding, because of the nature of the change, cloud journey can be a challenging one to manage on your own.  Whether you’re just starting out, or you’ve already travelled a distance down the path, assistance from the right partner can be indispensable.  A  specialist who is fully certificated and comes to the table with plenty of Azure experience  can simplify the process, migrate your infrastructure workloads, and if you wish, manage the day to day operations for you.

Compugen has successfully helped clients in their transformational journey to the cloud, through re-hosting Windows application servers, re-hosting, refactoring and Migraion of SQL 2008/2012 onto secure Microsoft Azure platforms.

Cloud Adoption Framework
Wherever you are in your journey to the cloud, Compugen is here to help.  Azure Accelerator is a proven methodology for migrating infrastructure and workloads rapidly, effectively and without business disruption. If you would like, we’ll stand up new Azure services for you as well. We follow Microsoft’s best practices for migration to maximize cost effectiveness, convenience and business agility.

We built Azure Accelerator with the goal of providing you with a clear path to move your on-premise environment to Microsoft Azure and include a high-level roadmap, budgetary plan, pre-migration readiness assessment and workload migration as part of the package.

Dedicated Cloud Team
Compugen is proud of our team of talented cloud architects and specialists dedicated to our work with Azure and cloud. The team is comprised of over 40 certified Azure cloud engineers with a mandate to provide customers with world-class cloud leadership in cloud migration and management services.

Cloud Management
Regardless of the level of management and support you require, we have options to assist. Our Azure management services encompass cloud support, cost optimization, monitoring, patching, license management, reporting, security and services to ensure your cloud environment is stable, secure and continues to improve on efficiencies and consumption costs. As one of Canada’s top Microsoft solution providers, we also have fast, direct access to Microsoft’s own team of top Azure experts if ever the need arises.

Not sure where to start - or where to go from here?

Click here to register for our Azure Accelerator Workshop - a free online readiness planning session for migrating to the cloud.