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Changes to Microsoft Software Licensing Announced

Posted December 02 2014 in Announcements

In the modern workplace, employees are always connected and always moving. They have more devices with more data, and they expect tools to support ubiquitous collaboration. IT needs a solution to help protect data, manage the growing number of mobile devices, unify environments that span operating systems, and enable collaboration for workers using all their devices, whenever and wherever they choose.

Enterprise Cloud Suite

Microsoft’s Enterprise Cloud Suite (ECS), available on December 1, 2014, as part of the Enterprise Enrollment, brings together Office 365 E3, Enterprise Mobility Suite, and Windows Software Assurance per User. The combination of these three offerings empowers users with best-in-class productivity tools across devices while supporting IT security and control.

With Enterprise Cloud Suite, you can take advantage of:

Simplified cloud licensing in the Enterprise Enrollment.

True per-user licensing.

A compelling offer when buying cloud services.

How it works

Enterprise Cloud Suite is available as a User Subscription License (USL) or an Add-on license for the Enterprise Platform in the Enterprise Enrollment.

Enterprise Cloud Suite USL: For users who are not covered by an existing Enterprise Platform or who would like to transition to full user-based licensing at renewal. The USL lowers initial licensing costs because you subscribe to the rights to use Microsoft products and services instead of purchasing a perpetual license.

Enterprise Cloud Suite Add-on: For users who are covered by an existing Enterprise Platform. The Add-on is a subscription that supplements your existing Enterprise Platform license position.

Simplified per User licensing

ECS provides the first-ever fully per-user subscription across the platform, dramatically cutting down licensing complexity and licensing management.  With ECS, a single subscription license covers a user across their devices for productivity, management, and operating system. 

This is an especially meaningful moment for Windows customers, as it is the first time they will have the option to license Windows Enterprise on a per-user basis. With Windows Software Assurance (SA) per User, all of the user’s devices are covered—including those running iOS and Android operating systems. Only the user’s primary work PC needs to be running a qualified OS (e.g., Windows Pro). With Windows SA per User, Windows Enterprise Edition can be delivered across the user’s devices. This provides simpler license management by allowing customers to count just users with primary PCs, instead of every single device.

For Further Information

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