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Compugen becomes a partner in the Canadian Coalition for Learning @ Home

Posted April 29 2020 in Announcements

Compugen is pleased to be a partner in the Canadian Coalition for Learning @Home (CCFLH). The CCFLH was founded by two established leaders in learning and innovation in education, C21 Canada and MindShare learning in response to the disruption caused by COVID-19.

“In recent weeks, we have witnessed the greatest crisis and mass disruption to student learning in the history of Canada with over 5 million K-12 students impacted, resulting in immense challenges thrust upon teachers, students and parents to ensure continuous learning at home. The COVID-19 crisis is providing a catalyst in K-12 education in Canada to build on our strong public education systems and further support equity across schools with access to technology tools, resources and teacher training,” said Robert Martellacci, Chair, Canadian Coalition for K-12 Learning @Home.

Modern communication technology has been fundamental in allowing essential services across Canada to continue in the face of measures such as physical distancing needed to fight the spread of the pandemic.

As a major Canadian ICT solution provider, Compugen is supporting the CCLFH initiative at the Advisory Board level with its vast knowledge and experience in delivering digital services to end users in all walks of Canadian life and especially in the education sphere, where certain necessary conditions for safe, reliable and scalable digital infrastructure cannot be taken for granted:

• Reliable, high speed internet access
• Equity of access to digital resources and technology
• Privacy and cyber security
• Professional learning and technology assistance for educators to implement distance learning
• Future proofing strategy to enable education systems to adapt and engage innovation readiness

“Education is a basic human right. In the short-term we need to address in-equity and access for kids and families and educators. We need to build Canada’s readiness and capacity to deal with possible mass disruptions in the future and learn from this COVID-19 crisis,” continued Mr. Martellacci. “Collectively, our goal is to lessen the burden on students and parents. It truly takes a digital learning village to raise a child in the 21st century.”

“The COVID-19 crisis has had a clear and massive impact on the education system. It is our responsibility as a nation to ensure that all students can learn remotely from home successfully, not only now but in the future should similar circumstances arise. The good news is that the changes required to accommodate this “new normal” will accelerate a number of technology-based and e-learning initiatives that will both ensure equitable access to education and improve student outcomes permanently. Compugen is pleased to be participating in this very important initiative,” said Jeremy Erlick, Compugen’s Vice President of Sales, Central and East, who sits on the Advisory Board for the Canadian Coalition for Learning @Home.

See further information on this important initiative here.

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