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Compugen Finance Winner of Best Green Solution in the Channel Elite Awards 2010

Posted November 03 2010 in Awards, Industry

Toronto, Ont.—November 3, 2010—Compugen Inc., Canada’s largest privately owned IT solutions and services provider, is pleased to announce that its finance and recycling division, Compugen Finance, has been recognized at the 2010 Channel Elite Awards ceremony held in Toronto on 16 September 2010 as Canada’s best Green Solution provider for its Green4Good green solution.

The Green4Good Solution

The Green4Good solution consists of two complementary components: IT Asset Disposition and Charitable Support. In terms of IT Asset Disposition, Green4Good is a unique and comprehensive new approach to the disposal of decommissioned IT assets–PCs, notebooks, servers, printers, monitors, network components, etc.–that eliminates any negative environmental effects and allows organizations to leverage any residual value in those assets. Green4Good is an innovative program that allows organizations to turn the net gains from IT asset disposition into support–cash and/or new technology products/services–for their chosen charities.
The innovative Green4Good solution includes, along with an environmentally sound approach to Recycling, two other options that have proven to be very viable–Re-Use and Resale. These options can have significant positive impact on an organization’s environmental footprint, while at the same time representing a possible source of revenue, or at the very least, cost avoidance.
For example, by refurbishing, recertifying and Re-Using decommissioned assets, an organization can extend the life of existing assets and thus delay the need to purchase new ones. This not only defers expense, but also reduces the organization’s overall energy consumption profile–refurbishing a PC, for example, reportedly requires 85 per cent less energy than building a new PC.

By using Green4Good’s Resell option, an organization can further reduce its environmental footprint. The organization can reduce the number of assets that need to go to recycling by having Compugen Finance refurbish and resell those assets while they still have residual value. The life of the asset is thereby extended in the hands of a user who can get by with older equipment and the environmental costs associated with recycling and new manufacturing are deferred for each asset kept in service. Compugen Finance is in fact finding that most assets that customers give us for recycling can actually be resold instead.
When an asset is no longer useful, leaving only the Recycle option, this is done such that no materials ever reach a landfill site or end up on a ship destined for a third-world country.

Along with completely resolving the environmental impact issue traditionally associated with asset disposal, the Green4Good solution addresses the two other issues that organizations are concerned about–data security and the cost of disposition. Security of data is ensured through the use of a Department of Defense-approved process for wiping clean all data-bearing assets. The cost of disposition can typically be completely offset by the proceeds from Resale.

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