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Compugen’s new corporate WiFi solution delivers seamless connectivity and enhanced productivity

Posted March 09 2016 in Announcements

Compugen Inc. (“Compugen”), Canada’s largest provider of IT business solutions, today announced the launch of its new business WiFi service, Managed Wireless.  Combining a simplified user experience with the best available wireless technology, Managed Wireless makes corporate WiFi as simple and reliable as electricity.

Managed Wireless offers the convenience of always-on WiFi, automatically and seamlessly connecting people to their work, wherever in the network they may be. Centralized administration means that each user is added (or deleted) only once, and is then immediately recognized in every location on the network – whether they are in Vancouver or New York City.  For the end-user it’s as simple as opening up their laptop in the new location – immediate authentication and instant productivity.
Central traffic management means immediate visibility to problem areas and the associated devices - and the ability to shut down potential trouble spots such as wireless movie downloads or smartphone syncing.

Through the Managed Wireless offering, Compugen provides 24/7 monitoring, traffic shaping, RF interference monitoring and regular health checks to ensure that your ever-changing environment is always optimized to maintain productivity, all for a single, all-inclusive, monthly fee.

Compugen recently implemented the service internally to support its own staff of over 1,500 highly mobile professionals in fifteen offices throughout North America. “Since moving to Managed Wireless, user complaints about wireless have dropped to almost zero. Issues with speed, connectivity and system crashes have disappeared.” says Dean Reid, Compugen’s Vice President of IT.

Well suited to any business environment, this Cisco Meraki solution is ideal for retail, campus environments such as schools, and any corporate environment with multiple locations.

Compugen has recently released other similar managed solutions, each addressing a different area of concern to IT leaders: Managed Security, Managed Office 365, Information Management Service, and Endpoint Data Protection.

For more information please contact us at ManagedSolutions@compugen.com or 855.614.3255

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