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Parkland School Division’s Prescott Learning Centre: bringing technology to students

Posted November 21 2016 in Announcements

Compugen is proud to be working with Cisco Canada and forward thinking educators in Alberta to radically transform the way students are taught and learn. Our objective is to improve the educational experience, making it more relevant to today’s children and youth (and their parents) and bridging the gap between classroom and the world of pervasive personal technology.

Compugen, in collaboration with Cisco, worked with Alberta’s Parkland School Division to create the Prescott Learning Centre that serves the collaborative needs of the schoolboard and community, creating a “school of tomorrow.” While the Parkland School Division already had Cisco wireless, routing and switching hardware and software, it has added Cisco collaboration technology to the mix to provide a centralized system for telephony and video conferencing.



The Prescott Learning Centre realizes the vision of transparently linking individuals at home to the school experience. Using basic tools such as Wi-Fi, video collaboration and virtual learning, Parkland students are now able to connect easily with other students no matter where they are, experience virtual field trips and tap into the broader curriculum both at home and at school.

A huge additional benefit is that the technology removes logistical barriers to delivering specialized curricula. Students with special needs, or those unable to attend physical classes, now will have the freedom to attend school along with other children on-site in the classroom. Further support for specially adapted curricula such as speech therapy appropriate to their needs can also be delivered by specialists from anywhere.

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