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Asset Disposal & Recycling

Everything is much simpler now that we have only one organization responsible for the entire life of our PC assets...We acquire assets from Compugen, we finance them through Compugen Finance, Compugen deploys them, fixes them and, at end of the lease, takes them back, makes sure they are in working order and wipes the drives clean in accordance with Department of Defense standards

Bob Chambers

IT Infrastructure Manager at Finning (Canada)

​Where does Green4Good come in? An IT audit allows us to determine the value of your equipment and whether it can be re-used. If the equipment has value, we wipe it clean, refurbish it and resell it on the used equipment market. We'll credit the residual value to your account, and then you can then donate the credit in the form of services and hardware to a charity of your choice. If it has no value, we destroy the data and dismantle the pieces for recycling in the most environmentally friendly way possible.

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