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Infrastructure Support

Give your datacentre expert attention

The training and expertise required to keep your infrastructure assets running at optimal levels can be daunting, and when issues arise, you don’t want to rely on Google for the answers. The most important technologies require focus and attention. That’s why we employ dozens of technology specialists, provide them with the best possible tools, and have them ready to help you when you need them most.

Where and how you leverage those resources is up to you. You may be looking to build and maintain an onsite datacentre, or perhaps you want to clear out your closets and host your infrastructure in the cloud.

Leverage our experience to assist you in your environment, or to take the workload off your hands.

Manage what you want and deliver the best of technology with managed cloud  and managed infrastructure options.

Managed Infrastructure

Your infrastructure. Our support team.

Infrastructure covers the full spectrum of hardware required to keep your business operational, from big-picture cloud solutions to the cables and switches. We proactively monitor all elements of your environment to catch problems before they arise and give you access to the information whenever you want to see it.  Our Network Operations Centre (NOC) works around the clock to keep your environment up-to-date with the latest patches, service packs and firmware upgrades, and keep you informed through a web-based dashboard.

We monitor and manage all your critical assets remotely and provide you with regular updates and suggestions. If we find potential problems or areas for improvement, your Service Delivery Manager will review the findings and pass on our recommendations, then work with you to implement the changes before they impact your users.

With hardware expertise in servers, network devices, firewalls, SANs and VoIP, and a wide range of advanced application support including Exchange and BES, we can offer you focused assistance in a single area or across  your entire datacentre.

Managed Cloud

Big infrastructure. Low cost. All the bells and whistles.

Implementing managed cloud as part of your solution can mean significantly improved quality of service for end users, simplified management for IT and considerable cost savings – sound appealing? It is. And whether you want to own all of your equipment and base it at your location, have it all offsite, or some combination of the two – we can help make it work.

Why consider it? Here are some highlights:

  • Provision and manage with a click: Provisioning a server in a standard environment requires ordering, scheduling, implementation and testing. In the cloud it takes a few clicks and less than 15 minutes. 
  • Predictable, lower costs: No need to buy and maintain infrastructure -, use and pay only for only what you need. Acquire a company? Divest staff? Remove associated users and servers and the changes are effective immediately.
  • Highly secure: Your own, private cloud using your security policies enclosed in a space with biometric barriers, and authenticated access. Full control with maximum security.  
  • Happy end users: Expedited application delivery, high redundancy, constant monitoring and technical expertise mean very high uptime and up-to-date technology for end users and IT.
  • Canadian: Host your data in a Canadian-owned and operated datacentre without the potential concerns associated with data sovereignty. 

Things to consider when looking at Infrastructure Support

Want to take it to the next level and really dig into a specific technology, how to implement it and what the implications to your environment might be? We can set up a review with subject matter experts and help you build a plan. Find out more here about our full managed services capabilities.

Not sure if this is the right place to start?

Getting your datacentre in order is often the biggest concern for companies investigating additional support options. Learn about the options available to you in today’s data centre and then see how we can help you plan your changes.

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