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Managed Print

Eliminate waste, automate service & cut costs for happier end users

Analysts suggest that as much as 5% of an organization’s revenue is spent on office printing and that those costs can be reduced by 10% to 30% through proactive print fleet management. But many organizations still haven’t adopted widely accepted print management strategies, despite the reality that solutions are often simple, the time-to-benefits is short and the cost savings can be substantial. 

Often, a contributing factor is fear of backlash from end users who want printers at their desks. The good news is that an optimized print environment means happier end users and less maintenance for IT.

The proliferation of mobile devices means people want to print from where they are - not from their desk. End users with smart phones and tablets are struggling with the ability to print from their devices – and everyone wants security for their documentation. We’ll work with you to develop a tailored solution that incorporates security, ease-of-use and flexibility from the leading print manufacturers.

With the ability to integrate existing infrastructure, supplement with new equipment and grow with your requirements, we can have you up and running with a managed solution in days versus months.

“Compugen put a lot into this and were instrumental in guiding our efforts. Their experience with print management solutions made things go a lot smoother.”

Gary Gee

Client Services & Desktop Manager, Husky Energy Inc.
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Did you know?

  • On average 1-5% of a company's annual revenue is spent on print 
  • Up to 15% of IT's time is spent on print-related issues 
  • Managed print can result in a 30% reduction in energy consumption and 20% reduction in toner consumption
  • Nearly 90% of companies are not tracking print-related costs
  • Managed print agreements can reduce print costs by as much as 30% 


Improvements to your print management environment  will help you provide better services to your end users and provide you with substantial cost savings. Some of the ways we can help you:

  • Set up security and print policies that ensure everyone's documents are safe
  • Optimize your existing infrastructure - and make suggestions for future growth
  • Centralize procurement of print supplies
  • Select and set up Cost-per-Page services
  • Lease your print equipment
  • Re-engineer workflow processes
  • Proactively and environmentally manage printer disposition

We have long-standing partnerships with the most important companies in technology – the established players and the game-changers who will make a difference to your business.

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