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Program & Project Management

The difference between a good outcome and a great one

Luck should not be a prerequisite for a successful IT project. In the three decades we’ve been helping customers with their IT projects, we’ve learned that project management is the string that ties everything together to ensure success.

The best projects rely on detailed planning and budgeting, deep technical knowledge and expertise of how all the pieces fit together.

How do our project managers guarantee success? Working with your internal team and external partners, they establish clear milestones and a delivery schedule, limit changes to the scope of the project, and make sure your project is completed on time and on budget. Through our Project Office, we can help you keep your project on track – regardless of size. Whether for one day per week or as the daily lead of a multi-year project, we can tailor a solution that fits your needs.

The Project Manager played a big part in how we made everyone comfortable that we knew what we were doing and that everything was under control. That was a huge benefit to me and my team.

Bruce Watkinson

CIO, Canadian Museum of Civilization Corporation
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Need a few more reasons to consider IT project management? Here are some:

  • Mitigate risk. It’s easy to request additional changes to a project, but without a clear scope and process, it’s not always easy to see the long-term impact.  Our PMs will help you keep the project on track by adhering to a methodology aimed at managing and reducing the risks that go along with highly complex technical projects. 
  • Obtain and maintain buy-in. Strong communication around timelines, issues and solutions keeps stakeholders engaged throughout the project.
  • Fewer grey hairs for you. Our experience comes from managing more than 30 years of complex technical projects. Over that time, we’ve learned a thing or two about what makes a project successful. We will keep your project on track and handle any situation that comes up.​

We have long-standing partnerships with the most important companies in technology – the established players and the game-changers who will make a difference to your business.

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