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Ongoing Maintenance

Keep critical hardware running and users productive.

If your organization is like most, a lot has been invested in the IT infrastructure that supports your business – servers, storage, printers, network devices, and PCs. Maintaining that equipment, however, has become increasingly difficult and can eat into as much as 75% of your IT budget and staff time, leaving you with few resources remaining to tackle new projects or explore new opportunities. Customized maintenance services from Compugen allow you to keep your hardware running smoothly and bring your maintenance expense under control

Predictable IT budgets allow you to use your resources more effectively. Regardless of the equipment you work with, you’re covered with our warranty-authorized service  from leading manufacturers including HP, IBM, Lenovo, Lexmark, NetApp, Panasonic, Samsung and Toshiba.

We equip our service experts with the best possible tools so they are ready to help you when you need them, both for proactive maintenance and unexpected problems.

“We wanted a one-stop service and a single partner that could provide the whole thing – guiding us on what we needed, buying and installing it, and getting it all running smoothly,” said Towns. “We saw Compugen as the only company that could do all that for us.”

Adele Towns

Director, REACH Edmonton
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With hundreds of trained technicians operating from 14 offices and eight depot service locations, Compugen can meet your head office and branch office hardware service needs in dozens of locations from coast to coast, with:

  • Warranty & out-of-warranty repair services
  • Warranty upgrade services
  • Emergency equipment exchange
  • Preventative maintenance scheduling
  • Depot services
  • IMAC services

93% of Canadians are within 2 hours of a Compugen service location.

We have long-standing partnerships with the most important companies in technology – the established players and the game-changers who will make a difference to your business.

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