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Secure PASS - your insurance policy for the cloud

You no longer have to choose between the convenience of cloud and the security of your data

Cloud is the way of the future for business, but with increasing security concerns it can feel like a risky proposition.

The good news is that you no longer have to choose between convenience, empowerment and the safety of your data.

Your business operates everywhere your staff is - in the office, at home or at the local coffee shop. Access to web-based applications and data wherever and whenever required, is what makes it possible and increases productivity.

Faced with significantly increased security risk, the temptation is to impose restrictions on staff. But within today’s consumer-driven workforce, on-demand data and applications are baseline expectations. Locking down what staff access is no longer a viable option.

So how do you protect your business while empowering those that work within it?

Secure PASS is a managed cloud solution that provides:

  • Access to company approved cloud applications with a single password
  • a personalized desktop for each employee’s applications
  • Immediate and easy removal of access to applications and data for lost units, or departing staff
  • 24x7, global monitoring of all suspicious activity of Secure PASS users - and immediate action to minimize data loss or disruption

Taking the first step towards IT security: Where to begin

In my previous post, I wrote about some of the many reasons why IT security is vitally important for businesses today.

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It is often difficult for companies to understand and appropriately react to paradigm shifts that require radically different thinking.

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