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Modern Workspace

Unlocking the full potential of your people

Making your workplace as appealing as the local coffee shop

                                       The modern workplace is not "built to last"; it is "built to change."
                                       Elizabeth Dukes, co-founder and EVP iOffice

Ever wonder why so many people work in coffee shops these days? Sure, the coffee is better than the office brew, but evidence shows that people are actually more effective in the thrum of a bustling coffee shop.

A study by BRIK shows that interruptions are the issue – not the noise. And since we are largely anonymous in a coffee shop, those disruptions are held to a minimum.

Coffee shops hold appeal for focus work, but what about phone calls, or collaborative meetings? Those require a completely different environment – and one that is often not readily found in a typical office. If you want to make an important business call, you make it from home where you know you can find a private space. For collaboration and brainstorming ideas, groups need a room with whiteboards, sticky notes and enabling technology, as well as enough chairs and the ability to make noise without disrupting colleagues.

It would be easy to build a perfect workplace if people only worked on a single task. unfortunately, that’s just not a reality. People take calls, have meetings, need focus time and want social interaction – all in the course of a single day. A one-size-fits-all office is simply not effective any more.

So. What is the solution?

It isn't just about desks and chairs, policies or a technology. It’s about an integrated environment that combines thoughtful space design and technology; forming a culture that enhances productivity and employee experience. The new office provides tools that are mobile and seamless – allowing workers to take their laptops from desk, to meeting room, to a coffee shop. Key processes and applications can be run using a mobile phone or tablet. Calls that start through VoIP on a laptop, can seamlessly continue on mobile phones and the cellular network. Face-to-face meetings no longer require flights or long drives – video takes their place.

The Facilities team is no longer the only voice. Human Resources, IT, Facilities and Lines of Business have a fantastic opportunity to provide an environment that puts the employee at the centre – providing an optimal workspace for the task at hand. A cohesive strategy and clear integration roadmap is key in achieving the desired results.

We're all looking for the best team for our businesses. Our ability to both find and keep them will rely heavily on our ability to adapt to the way they work best.

Want help in figuring this out? Reach out. We have some ideas.