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Reignite Your Employees,  Transform Your Workplace with Apple products

Individual talents require individual tools. 

How do you provide people with the tools they love and enable optimal performance for the entire organization?

Individuals are demanding to use the devices they love for work, and progressive employers are making it happen. By providing employees with the tools that make them most effective, organizations are ensuring that every individual is able to realize their full potential.

Compugen offers a Device-as-a-Service model that enables companies to provide, configure and support Apple products in the workplace, giving employees the products they already love.
This monthly subscription includes services for companies to acquire and manage iPhone, iPad, Mac, Apple Watch and Apple TV devices in the workplace.

Unlocking employee productivity

No more downtime on your employees’ most valued device. Unlocked iPhones may be purchased and activated directly through Compugen, or customers can choose to activate through their carrier. Compugen services offer configured and managed iPhones with corporate apps and data to employees as quickly as the same day.

Unparalleled user experience

From purchase to configuration to repair or replacement, Compugen will support iOS, macOS, watchOS and tvOS devices directly, allowing rapid and consistent set up, upgrade and decommissioning path and save significant capital expense.

Enterprise level service

Compugen’s support of Apple products will give customers best-in-class enterprise support with options such as a 24-hour, seven days a week help desk, on site, desk-side support, DaaS and managed service offerings.

Best practice blueprints

Every industry shares common issues, as well as areas of potential efficiency gains. Compugen offers customized, industry blueprints that provide targeted, repeatable solutions for industries including retail, healthcare and utilities.  These blueprints provide organizations with enterprise-tested models such as patient bedside care for healthcare and consumer self-service kiosks in retail.

How do you provide each individual with the tools they need and effectively support them?

A Device-as-a-Service (DaaS) model brings together device purchase, configuration and ongoing management into a flexible, monthly subscription: thus allowing your IT team to focus on driving your business while someone else ensures all your devices are configured, deployed and well maintained.