Is your network ready for retail?

Network optimization for the modern retail experience

End-users are seeking engaging and seamless shopping experiences coupled with innovative technology. However, many retailers are not able to provide a consistent, always on experience. Compugen’s Network Optimization Assessment ensures your enterprise network environment is ready for the modern retail experience that your customers and employees are asking for.

We can help you by assessing your existing wireless environment and evaluating readiness for mobility, as well as providing support with planning your next steps.

What is a network assessment?

A network assessment provides recommendations on the three areas most critical to ensuring your existing network infrastructure is on track, and provides a roadmap for the proper set up of the new environment.

Compugen’s assessment includes:

• Configuration Health Check: Review of your WLAN configuration, and confirms readiness to support mobility devices
• Coverage Predictability: Review of existing coverage and insights into any possible /existing gap areas
• Capacity Predictability: Reviews potential wireless ‘load’ issues based on predicted/existing utilization

Why a network assessment?

As most retailers adopt a mobile first strategy, having a robust infrastructure requires a highly optimized network. Our network optimization assessment is the perfect first step if you are looking to improve your customer experience.

Having the right network infrastructure enables:

• Ability to use wireless as your primary network with confidence
• A seamless mobile environment with integration of mobile technology for faster transactions
• Real-time inventory management and access to product information
• Improved in-store mobile user experience for your associates and customers
• Retail application integration – cloud or on premises
• Increased sales through customer insights and data analytics
• Engaged shoppers through digital displays and other in-store technology

Our approach?

For our proven wireless site survey methodology, we engage Ekahau certified network engineers and advanced tools to gather data about all coverage areas. Our network engineers use a Compugen Wireless Site Survey Kit which includes technologies from Ekahau and NetScout that allow us to assess a variety of antenna selections, antenna attenuators, and radio power settings to determine the optimal location, antenna selection and power setting for each access point.

We offer three plans to choose from based on your goals and business outcomes. Contact us to learn more.

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