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Preserve capital & fight technology obsolescence

Want leading technology and predictable monthly costs? Consider leasing. Many people don’t realize that leasing is an attractive way to acquire IT.  Leasing turns a capital expenditure into an operating expense, spreading the cost over a longer term and preserving cash flow. When your business requirements change, you can trade in your used equipment for something else, allowing you to respond more quickly to new opportunities.

Flexibility and cutting-edge technology in one convenient package – that’s leasing. We offer an a la carte menu of leasing solutions, including operating and capital leases for hardware, software, and services. Our leases are not tied to a specific vendor or product line, and the flexibility to mix and match products and services means you can get what you want when you need it.

“What I like most about the Compugen Finance program is that it reduces the number of devices going to recycling and to landfill and reduces my equipment disposition costs”

Sophia Tham

Manager, IT Security and Infrastructure, Technology and Security Department at BC Hydro.
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What sets our financing services apart from the rest? It’s convenient and cost-effective because we do it all in-house – hardware, software and services. When you lease equipment, we can also take care of the end-of-lease logistics . For example, we can pick up the used assets from your site and wipe the data following data removal standards set out by the RCMP and US Department of Defense. We can recycle systems with no remaining value, or refurbish them and set them up for reuse through our Green4Good program. That means that your staff always has the right tools for the task at hand… and when it’s time for new equipment, all you have to worry about is what you’d like next.

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