Green on Purpose + Sustainable by Choice

Green isn't just a colour we choose; it echos our commitment to sustainability and we're driven to make a difference.

Green IT Starts Here

Becoming a green business starts with the same things we do at home. Recycling programs, carpooling and automatic light shut off represented an excellent start – but we knew that was just the beginning of a bigger, more impactful march towards sustainability.


Going green has also evolved into a larger, more involved movement that goes beyond saving money and the planet. Your organization’s environmental efforts reflect your corporate citizenship, affecting your ability to attract and retain the best talent in your industry. Just as IT simplifies several aspects of your business, from operations to employee collaboration, it can also make your green journey that much easier.

347 Million Metric Tonnes of Unrecycled e-Waste in 2022
17.4% of Global e-Waste is Recycled
2 Million Metric Tonnes Annual e-Waste Growth
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Our award-winning Green4Good program offers North American enterprises an effective way to solve end-of-first-life™ IT asset disposition challenges. The value created allows our customers to contribute to charity, purchase new equipment, or fund a social program that is important to them.

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Sustainability in action
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Sustainability in Action 

Corporate citizenship and sustainability through recycling; how 34,000 devices were diverted from landfills over four years.


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Practicing What We Preach

It's one thing to say you care about the environment and another thing to actually do something about it. Our head office in Richmond Hill, built-in 2010, is 120,000 square feet of environment-friendly office space. One of the design goals was to reduce our headquarters’ ecological footprint.


Notable Accomplishments


  • Inside the building, large picture windows reduce lighting costs by 40%, and electronic sensors automatically turn off the lights when rooms are empty.
  • The configuration centre boasts energy-efficient heating and cooling racks that significantly reduce power costs.
  • Follow-me print stations have allowed us to right-size from more than 80 printers down to just eight, translating to far fewer wasted printouts and lower electrical consumption.
  • We’ve reduced water consumption by 60% through low-flow toilets and auto-on faucets and by capturing rainwater for our drought-resistant landscaping.
  • We also offer electric car charging stations in our parking lot to support our staff’s sustainability goals and further ingrain the green movement on a personal level.

Sustainability Goals


By undertaking these initiatives, we are committed to fulfilling our tagline: Dream. Design. Deliver. Together, we dream of a more sustainable future, design innovative solutions to achieve it, and deliver meaningful results for our planet and communities. Stay tuned for updates on our progress as we work towards this shared vision. Green on Purpose + Sustainable by Choice.

Reducing Our Carbon Footprint


Compugen is adopting the Sustainability Platform (Sweep) to assess and reduce our national carbon footprint. Our action plan, guided by science-based reduction targets, will drive our efforts in this area. Implementation begins in May 2024, spanning six to 12 months.

Waste Management Improvements

Compugen's goal is to introduce a composting program to enhance its waste management practices and achieving 70% in waste diversion. Expected completion: June 30, 2024. 

Office Recycling Initiative

Compugen has launched an office recycling initiative in partnership with Compugen Finance aimed at reducing CO2 emissions by .36 tons. This program incorporates an e-waste drive to responsibly dispose of electronic devices. Expected completion: September 2024.

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Take the next step in your commitment to a sustainable future with the technology investments you're already making today. We're driven to make a difference and are here to be an ally in your journey.

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Let's Talk Sustainable IT
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Let's Talk Sustainable IT
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Let's Talk Sustainable IT