Evolve Classroom Learning + Reimagine K-12 Education

Leverage technology to increase agility and resilience while enriching the academic experience.
Empower Teachers & Students

New Possibilities Ahead

Welcome to a new era in K-12 education where we connect people with technology to prepare educators and students for the future of learning.

Technology plays a vital role in enriching students’ academic experience. It helps increase engagement, take the learning experience beyond the classroom, and empower educators to create positive impacts at scale.

Modernize the Education Experience
Increase student engagement
75% of principals attribute increased student engagement in learning to the effective use of digital content in their blended learning classrooms. – Project tomorrow
Extend learning beyond the classroom

82% of school administrators believe mobile devices allow students to extend learning beyond the school day. – Blackboard

Increase the impact of every teacher

One teacher influences 3000 students throughout his/her career. – eLearning

Dream. Design. Deliver.

We align technology with your vision.

We champion your vision and collaborate with you to turn it into reality.
We meet you where you are to deliver a student-centric learning experience.
We use technology to bring hybrid learning to life.
We help you prepare today’s students to become tomorrow’s leaders.

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K-12 education technology
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Beyond Technology

Technology is only as good as educators’ ability to use it to achieve learning objectives. Our learning development team creates and hosts training sessions to help teachers optimize technology in the classroom to deepen student learning through digital apps and tools.

A Holistic IT Solution for Today’s K-12 Institutions.

Hybrid IT

Combine public and private cloud services to balance cost, efficiency, and security.

Modern Workspace

Enhance communication and collaboration among educators.

Connected Classroom

Empower students with mobility and flexibility to learn from anywhere.

Secured Access

Protect students and their data with the Cybersecurity Lifecycle Framework (CLF).

ECSD Finds Technology Vision + Achieves Near-Zero Downtime

Follow the journey of ECSD (Edmonton Catholic School District) as they revolutionize their infrastructure, achieving an unprecedented near-zero downtime. This visionary approach propelled ECSD to overcome obstacles, ensuring seamless operations and paving the way for future innovation in the education sector. Dive into their success story:

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ECSD Finds Technology Vision + Achieves Near-Zero Downtime

What Our K-12 Customers Say 

Let Our Students Dream

We’ve spent over 10 years in the field supporting an extensive roster of Canadian school boards to implement hybrid and in-person learning initiatives.

  • We’re your ally in building a modern academic experience: We listen harder, design smarter, and execute better.
  • We turn complex technology into a conduit that connects people so students and teachers can focus on what matters.
  • We bring a future-forward mindset to every project to meet your current requirements and pave the way to long-term success.
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K-12 Education Stories for You

Customer Stories
ECSD Finds Technology Vision & Achieves Near-Zero...

Having load-balanced its Internet traffic routing and built two connected but autonomous data...

Enriching the Classroom Experience for Students...

The Avon Maitland District School Board is a public school district in southwestern Ontario...

Beyond Four Walls: How Parkland School Division...

Parkland School Division (PSD) is a K-12 School Board that supports approximately 10,000...

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Leverage technology to increase agility and resilience while enriching the academic experience for all children; Compugen can help.

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